Corrosion of valves and flanges

Corrosion and you

How does corrosion affect you?  What can you do about corrosion?

Severe corrosion left this bolt exposed

Severe corrosion left this bolt exposed

The truth is corrosion is all around us and has an enormous, hidden impact on our economy. Every year, 6% of our GDP is lost to corrosion related costs. That’s almost half what we spend on medical costs, and more than almost any other single cost to our society besides medical. Once you start looking for it, you notice it’s virtually everywhere and often starts within days of the completion of a new building, structure, or component.

In the G2MT Labs blog, we will seek to explore these and other issues and welcome your input. All comments are moderated by our in-house staff.

So now we pose the question to you:

How does corrosion affect you in your everyday life, business, or otherwise?

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