ASTM B117 Salt fog testing of coated metal samples by G2MT Labs

The importance of corrosion testing

Without corrosion tests, we would expect many more failures to occur. That is the importance of corrosion testing.

ASTM B117 Salt fog testing of coated metal samples by G2MT Labs

Corrosion Testing by ASTM B117 Salt Fog Test

As society advances, we are continually pushing technologies to their limits. This applies to materials and metals just as well as to computers, and it means that safety is always being challenged by improvement. To meet this challenge, a wide range of corrosion tests have been created to evaluate materials performance in the simulated or real environment. Many of these tests involve simulated analyses in a laboratory to reduce or eliminate the impacts of corrosion.

We perform many different corrosion tests with goals such as: (1) determining the rate of corrosion over time – for example ASTM G31, (2) evaluating for susceptible materials such as ASTM A262, (3) analyzing the effect of hydrogen on material, and (4) assessing in-field corrosion testing. These tests often provide the critical last line of protection that prevents unacceptable materials from being used.


We welcome your input and comments: How have you seen corrosion testing make an impact in the world?


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