Replacing and Maintaing the Global Infrastructure

Over $60 Trillion Needed to Combat Corrosion of Global Infrastructure

A staggering new estimate of the cost of corrosion over the next 15 years says we will need to spend at least $60 trillion globally just to upgrade and maintain the existing infrastructure. This includes the cost of replacing and upgrading bridges, railroads, highways, power generation, telecommunications, and water facilities around the world. However, the recommendations suggested by this study to mitigate the problems are:

“McKinsey recommends improving:

  • Strategic sourcing
  • Demand consolidation
  • Contractor development
  • Lean execution
  • Project organization/governance planning optimization
  • Increasing infrastructure construction productivity
  • Getting more from existing capacity”

That misses the point: we need to attack corrosion at its source by understanding the likely causes of failures and preventing them. This requires a combination of efforts:

  1. Appropriate materials selection, design, and maintenance.
  2. Integrity management programs provide an effective means to predict and prevent corrosion.
  3. Just as importantly, proper design and selection can prevent many failures from occurring.
  4. Advances in the development of new steel and other metal alloys, inspection technologies, and quality assurance are all likely to provide better management and prevention of corrosion.

Metallurgists at G2MT Labs and other companies are working hard on all of these topics. What approaches do you find are most effective against corrosion?


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