Our goal is to be the best metallurgical company in the world, period.

Our passion for metallurgy shows through in everything we do. G2MT Labs provides inspection and consulting services for industry and government around the world. We work for a variety of industries including refineries/chemical processing, oil and gas, power generation, aerospace, nuclear materials, and welding/fabrication. Our experts and skilled technicians are constantly re-training and learning more to improve ourselves. We have incorporated the best practices of other industries into our failure analysis and metallurgical consulting practices. For example, when we make a procedure, it ages and improves with time through regular input from our employees.

Why should we select G2MT Labs for metallurgical consulting and analysis?

Our competitive edge is based in our focus on quality, value, and service. We work hard to provide the highest-quality metallurgical services and analysis, and our passion for metallurgy is reflected in the way we enjoy our work. Beyond the workplace, G2MT Labs encourages our employees and colleagues to take advantage of every opportunity to share metallurgical and materials knowledge with the rest of the world. In fact, metallurgy and materials science are two fields that promise to show strong growth for the foreseeable future, and the pace of improvements in materials continues to accelerate every year.

Who are the lead metallurgists?

Dr. Angelique Lasseigne (more info at her LinkedIn page) is our CTO, senior metallurgist, and lead failure analyst. She has performed over 1,200 failure analyses for almost every major industry, helping to solve some major problems that plagued that had been unsolved for decades. She has produced over 100 publications, two books, and testified as expert witness in billions of dollars worth of court cases.

Dr. Joshua Jackson (more info at his LinkedIn page) is our CEO, senior failure analyst, and manager of the corrosion laboratory.

Garrett Atkins, MS, is also a CSM metallurgist with over a decade of experience at Exxon Mobil. He has extensive experience in energy-related areas, with particular skills in welding, failure analysis, and mechanical systems.

Dr. Ted Anderson is the latest member of our consulting team, and he brings an incredible depth of expertise. He literally wrote the book on Fracture Mechanics (now in the 4th edition) and provides further expertise in integrity management, fracture mechanics, and failure analysis.

Do you use any consultants?

Regularly; we know our limits, and bring on consultants from our roster of experts for projects whenever it is prudent. We have built a team of the world’s leading metallurgists that we rely on for additional expertise that covers virtually every facet of metallurgy. Collectively they have over 200 years of metallurgical experience and are well-known as being among the best in the field.

Where did you start?

G2MT was founded in 2009 (we have been doing commercial failure analysis since 2006). We are a company of scientists, inspectors, and researchers that love to take on challenging cases and problems. G2MT Laboratories performs rigorous scientific assessment using traditional technologies and other advanced technologies to support the groundbreaking nondestructive materials characterization technologies of Generation 2 Materials Technology (G2MT).

What else do you do?

G2MT Labs actively supports the involvement of our employees in giving back to our communities at every scale. These efforts range from charitable contribution matching to time off for employees to volunteer for science fairs, schools, non-profits, and other educational activities.

G2MT Labs is also active in social media: please keep up with us on our blog, follow us on Twitter, become our FaceBook friend, or follow us on LinkedIn.