G2MT Labs brings the best of traditional and cutting-edge technologies to bear on materials characterization and analysis issues for every industry. We utilize a comprehensive suite of standard tests such as metallography, microscopy, hardness and mechanical testing, as well as  a variety of other advanced practices for corrosion testing, nondestructive testing, and materials characterization that provide deeper insight.

Traditional Metallurgical Technology

Traditional metallurgical testing technologies are based on a physical metallurgical laboratory approach to testing. The first step is usually metallography, in which samples (for example, specimens which are removed from service or obtained from failures) are cut to a small size, mounted in plastic or acrylic, ground, polished to a mirror finish, and then etched to reveal specific features of the underlying material structure. The metallurgical testing technicians at the G2MT Labs testing laboratory are experts in performing metallography and the subsequent microscopic evaluations that provide real insight into the material properties. These tests are typically complemented by mechanical testing, chemical analysis, electron microscopy, and/or other testing techniques.

Electronic Metallography Technologies

Beyond these traditional metallurgical techniques, G2MT Labs is also at the forefront of the development of the electronic metallography laboratory approach to testing. Materials are tested in-situ in their applications without removing samples using new techniques that can provide characterization of material properties like stress and aging. G2MT and G2MT Labs use scientifically proven technologies to provide solutions that offer much deep insight into materials that provide real solutions.

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