G2MT Labs Main Office in Houston TX

G2MT Labs Headquarters Office in Houston at 5401 Mitchelldale St., A-3, Houston TX 77092

G2MT Laboratories performs metallurgical, corrosion, and failure analysis for customers around the world from our laboratory headquarters in Houston, Texas. Our in-house facilities include capabilities for metallography, microscopy, heat treatment, welding, corrosion analysis, and mechanical property testing. On top of that, through our affiliates and partnerships, we regularly perform comprehensive analyses for almost every industry.

 Our metallurgical laboratory in Houston is split into 8 functional laboratory areas:

  1. Visual inspection and photography – Where incoming & processed samples are documented
  2. Machining/ Sample preparation – Getting ready for analysis
  3. Metallurgical – Mounting, grinding, polishing, mounting, and etching
  4. Mechanical – Tensile, hardness, microhardness, and wear testing
  5. Corrosion – Immersion, flow loop, Hydrogen, and electrochemical testing
  6. Hydrogen – Preparation, charging, permeation testing, and embrittlement testing
  7. Microscopy – Optical, stereo, and electron microscopy
  8. Nondestructive testing – Magnetic, fluorescent, and dye penetrant


Our facility includes capabilities for metallurgical testing including metallography, polishing, etching, weld testing, weld consulting, failure analysis, mechanical testing, and much more.  When you need services that we cannot provide in-house, we partner with the best third-party testing laboratories available for large-scale mechanical testing, chemical analysis, wear testing, and more. With our network of partners, we can truly provide the comprehensive capabilities needed to perform almost any type of metallurgical or materials analysis.


Metallographic mounting of samples in acrylic

At our parent company, G2MT LLC, we are developing new advanced and next-generation tools and practices for corrosion, nondestructive testing, and metallography.