Fossil and Nuclear Power Generation

Metallurgical services to support nuclear and fossil power generation from construction and design to operations, safety, and reliability issues.

G2MT Lab’s expertise in fossil and nuclear power generation helps our customers in selecting, assessing, and maintaining their critical assets. The need for reliable power generation depends on materials performing as expected for very long lives, especially in nuclear and fossil fuel generation. Many of the operating plants in the US are far beyond the original life cycle and pushing to extend even more. This is particularly true in the nuclear industry, where plants are being extended to 60 and 80 years operating spans.

Metallurgical Consulting and Analysis Services for Power Generation: 

  • Risk-Based Inspection
  • Fitness-for-Service
  • Root Cause Failure Analysis
  • Fracture, Fatigue, and Corrosion Consulting
  • Remaining Life Determination
  • Welding Consulting and Evaluation
  • Materials Selection and Design
  • Coatings Analysis
  • MIC and CUI Analysis
  • High-temperature Oxidation and Creep