News and Conferences

G2MT Laboratories is active in a variety of conferences, workshops, and societies. We are presenting and/or exhibiting at the following Conferences soon:

NACE Corrosion 2015 Conference in Dallas Texas – March 2015

NACE Houston Section Meetings – The National Association of Corrosion Engineers has a local monthly meeting to discuss corrosion-related topics held in various Houston locations.

More about us:

G2MT Laboratories is the fastest-growing metallurgical services company in the US and we serve companies around the world. We also provide the technical expertise and capabilities that power the research performed by G2MT and its partners and affiliates. The high-accuracy testing and assessment provided by G2MT Labs plays an important role in the development of new analytical, characterization, and corrosion testing practices that promise to improve the value and accuracy of traditional laboratory tests. In addition, we work on a variety of high-consequence consulting cases including ranging from large-scale failures, leaks, to legal consulting and analysis.

G2MT Labs is leading a number of cutting-edge research and development programs that promise to dramatically improve the capabilities and integrity of materials in numerous critical applications. In nearly every circumstance where materials are being pushed hard (and in most industries, they are pushed to the very limits and beyond), G2MT Labs is developing new solutions for age-old problems. Please join our mailing list by emailing or joining our RSS feed.


A Sampling of Past Conferences and Events:

API Inspection Summit 2015 – One of the premier API events for inspection-related technology, held in Galveston, TX in January 2015.

ISTFA 2014 Conference in Houston – The annual gathering of many of the best companies in failure analysis is in Houston this year.

Stainless Steel World 2014 – The SSW Americas conference brings together the leaders in stainless steel production, users, and service companies.

ACI Spring 2013 Convention (ACI). Join us April 14-18, 2013 in the Twin Cities at the Hilton Minneapolis and Convention Center.

ATI’s 9th International Corrosion Solutions Conference® (CSC13™). Join us September 15-18, 2013 in San Diego, California.

NACE Rocky Mountain Conference. Date and Details TBA.

Dr. Jackson presented  at NACE International’s 68th Annual Conference CORROSION 2013.

G2MT presented at the PRCI Seventh Annual Meeting 2013 in February.

2012 Composite Conference in Los Cruces, NM

2011 QNDE Conference: Dr. Lasseigne chairs a session on Quantitative NDE of Microstructures for Failure Analysis. Dr. Lasseigne and Dr. Olson from the Colorado School of Mines have hosted the session as an ongoing effort that continues to bring together pioneers in the use of NDE for new purposes.

2011 Materials Compatibility Workshop: The 2011 Nuclear Materials Compatibility Workshop, hosted at the Colorado School of Mines campus in Golden, CO, is a collaborative effort between G2MT, CSM, and Y-12 for the Department of Energy.

2011-2014 Offshore Technology Conference (OTC)

2011 and 2012 NACE Conference

2011 Hydrogen Pipeline Working Group Meetings

2011 DOE Fuel Cell Project Review