Press Contacts

G2MT Laboratories has a number of materials and metallurgical experts available for interviews, sourcing, and references for press and media articles. Our scientists have:

  • produced hundreds of publications in journals, conference proceeding, and research workshops,
  • edited or contributed to numerous books, and
  • delivered several hundred presentations around the world.

We also working with the press, media, and bloggers to help bring the insight about metallurgy, corrosion, failure analysis, and materials science to bear on everyday topics. Our team of photographers have produced thousands of high-quality images that can help to vividly illustrate your story or article.

For general inquiries by the media, please use fill out the form on our contact us page or call us 888-308-9084.

For specific inquires related to hydrogen in metals, nondestructive testing, and failure analysis, ask to be connected with Dr. Lasseigne (see her LinkedIn page for more info). She is widely recognized in the materials and corrosion testing communities as a ground-breaking expert, especially regarding the effects of hydrogen on steel, titanium, and other metals. Her background in physics and metallurgy, and broad experience in a variety of industries make her a unique and insightful analyst. She is also very friendly on a personal level, making her very approachable and enjoyable to work with.

For specific inquiries related to nuclear material testing and compatibility, high-temperature materials corrosion, and corrosion of pipelines in oil and gas applications, metallography, and materials testing, ask for Dr. Jackson (his LinkedIn page is here). His past work covered all of these areas and he currently oversees several projects in these areas for G2MT Labs. His background as a military ‘brat’, physics and math major from MIT, and metallurgical training at the Colorado School of Mines, make him a unique and interesting contact. Dr. Jackson is also an avid photographer and has developed a catalog of corrosion pictures from thousands of materials and components around the world.