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If you are interested in using our pictures, quoting our blog or webpages, or otherwise using information in this website, that’s great! We provide licenses for use through the Creative Commons License practice. To use anything here, you must contact us, let us know the details of your planned usage, and provide a link back to the source page.

Support for Education and Research

G2MT Labs strongly supports education and research through volunteering our time and efforts in a variety of ways. We are happy to provide access to *most* of our materials for *most* purposes, and we will even help you out if you are a student or non-profit organization. Please contact us to learn more! (Also, to anyone who wants to learn in depth about a topic we suggest you check out OpenCourseWare at MIT, one of the best available online educational tools.)

Our lawyer insisted we add this text:

G2MT LLC is the owner of the copyrights for all text, graphics, and other materials on this website, except when otherwise noted. The use of trademarks and service marks from other parties are with permission from their respective owners. You may not distribute or reproduce the graphics, text, or other materials, or substantially copy the information to your website, server, or computer without the written permission of G2MT LLC. If permission is granted, use is contingent upon the use of a copyright and permission notice on all copies, as well as a limitation on the use or reproduction of these materials, text, or graphics.

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