Alternate Immersion Corrosion Testing Per the ASTM G 44 Standard Practice

ASTM G44 Alternate Immersion Corrosion Testing

ASTM G 44 is commonly used for aluminum and ferrous alloys, along with other alloys that may be susceptible to corrosion by chloride. The G44 practice involves cyclic immersion using our automated cyclic system. The cycle is usually 50 minutes of immersion with ten minutes out of the solution. The test can be repeated for as many cycles are required, often running for anywhere from 1 to 90 days or more.  Our automated system can be set to run for any number of cycles and will stop when completed; a manual cycle counter is also included to confirm the # of cycles was performed.

ASTM G44 is comparable to but more intense than ASTM B117, and can lead to accelerated corrosion many applications. In some cases, stress-corrosion specimens (such as ASTM G39) are used, while in other cases pitting corrosion, coating performance, crevice corrosion, and/or galvanic corrosion can be observed with G44 testing.

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In many cases, our customers want to know more than just pass/fail test results. Our Houston corrosion laboratory can help characterize any corrosion that occurs, including:

  • optical and electron microscopy
  • metallurgical characterization
  • FTIR, APS, XRD (x-ray diffraction), and other advanced analysis
  • ASTM B117, and
  • expert consulting.

If you have any questions about corrosion testing, we invite you to contact us today. We look forward to helping with ASTM G44 and other related analyses.