Surface corrosion of drill pipes during storage

Drill pipe failure analysis

With drilling expanding in virtually every corner of the US, including the Bakken, Eagle Ford, Permian, Marcellus, Anadarko, Niobrara, and Granite Wash plays, failure analysis is increasingly important to keep up with the rapid expansion of oil and gas drilling operations.

Drill pipe and casing failures are one of the most common types we receive for failure analysis. G2MT has performed numerous failure analysis on drill pipe and joint sections from drill strings around the US and abroad. Improper processing and/or storage resulted in early corrosion and failures in several of these cases. The improper processing was demonstrated by metallography and microscopy of the drill pipe steels and can result in cracking, corrosion, and early failures if not found before use.  In other cases, improper use of pipe in overly aggressive conditions or spinning the pipe without lubrication were the root causes of failure.

Surface corrosion of drill pipes during storageAt G2MT we provide more than just guesswork about failures,  we focus on the root cause and provide effective recommendations to solve the problem.

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