ASTM G31 Immersion Corrosion Testing

“ASTM G31 – the most common standard for immersion corrosion”

ASTM G31 Corrosion testing coupon analysis by G2MT Labs

ASTM G31 Corrosion testing coupon analysis and photography.

Our ASTM G31 (1) Immersion Corrosion analysis applies to a wide range of conditions, allowing you to rapidly assess the corrosion rate of your materials and solutions. We run these tests over a wide range of temperatures and test parameters, and can tailor every test to meet your specific needs.

What is ASTM G31 and When Do You Select It?

Immersion corrosion evaluations using G31 provide a straightforward and simple method of determining the rate of corrosion in aqueous solutions. It is most appropriate for determine the corrosivity of liquids in static applications, but may also be used as an evaluation tool for many other applications.

  • Testing is performed for periods from 24 hours to several months, depending on the alloy.
  • As long as an appropriate evaluation time period is selected, G31 provide a good approximation of the long-term corrosion rate by general corrosion.
  • G31 does not apply to or measure the effects of pitting, crevice, and other local corrosion processes; ASTM G48 is more applicable in those cases.

The G2MT Labs Houston corrosion laboratory serves customers around the world with fast, accurate analysis, great service, and high-quality results. We look forward to helping with your needs!

In addition to ASTM G31, we also provide:

  • Corrosion testing by G2MT LabsASTM G28A Test Standard (forintergranularsensitization):
    • 24 hours ferric sulfate – sulfuric acid boiling solution test (Hastelloy C, C276, Inc. 600) *
    • 120 hours ferric sulfate – sulfuric acid boiling solution test (other Ni-alloys)
  • ASTM G48 Test Standard Methods A, B, C, D, E, and F (for pitting and crevice corrosion)
    • Method A is the most common, using ferric chloride solution 22-50ºC for 24 hours
  • Single-phase flow loop immersion for samples in oil, mild acids, water, and liquids at temperatures up to 200 Degrees F
  • NACE and MTI Corrosion Testing Methods
  • ASTM F746
  • ASTM TM0169
  • ASTM G46,
  • ASTM G47
  • and many more!