Corrosion Coupon Testing and Analysis

Corrosion coupon testing can provide real-world insight into:

  • The corrosion mechanisms in your operations,
  • Expected life of different materials
  • Optimal selection of cost-effective materials
  • Comparison of various candidate alloys
  • Variations in different locations or environments

G2MT Labs offers corrosion coupon monitoring and coupon testing services, including design, installation, removal, and analysis of coupons. Our single-phase flow loops and immersion testing systems are ideal for laboratory testing.  By-pass rigs can be used to allow easy monitoring of corrosion within existing piping systems. We can analyze your corrosion coupons on a per-batch basis, providing results within a few days of receiving the samples.

Select from these corrosion analysis services:

  1. Sample photography,
  2. Cleaning,
  3. Precision weight loss analysis
  4. Corrosion rate evaluation
  5. Localized corrosion (pitting) analysis,
  6. Clear and thorough reporting, and
  7. Corrosion consulting assistance and expert witnessing.

In addition, our team of corrosion experts can work with you to understand the results, how they apply, and how you can improve your operations using that data.

Corrosion Coupon Materials Available for Purchase:

We provide corrosion coupons made from many industrial metals, including:

  • Steel
  • Copper
  • Aluminum
  • Stainless Steel
  • Brass
  • Titanium

Coupons come in standard sizes like 3″ x ½” with a single hole for mounting as required. Samples are pre-weighed and packed in VCI bags to prevent weight change.

Corrosion Testing Resources:

ASTM G1 – The standard practice for preparation, cleaning, and evaluation of corrosion coupons

ASTM G4 – The standard for performing corrosion coupon testing in the field.

ASTM G31 – The most common standard for immersion corrosion analysis.

ASTM D2688 – The standard test method for corrosivity of water in the abscence of heat transfer


Corrosion Testing Consulting & Expertise

Let’s face it; corrosion is usually no fun. Our team can help you make the best of it by applying decades of experience and passion to help you with implementing, evaluating, and understanding your corrosion issues, such as:

  • Field evaluation and inspection of new corrosion coupon test racks such as required for ASTM D2688,
  • Laboratory evaluation of samples
  • Metallurgical and microscopic analysis to determine the cause of failure,
  • Expert witness services for corrosion issues that are going to litigation.