Hydrogen Permeation Testing and Analysis

Hydrogen charging, permeation, and diffusion analysis by G2MT Labs

Hydrogen charging, permeation, and diffusion analysis

G2MT Labs maintains one of the world’s most advanced commercial hydrogen permeation testing facilities in our Houston laboratory. We have worked on hydrogen analysis for over 10 years, and we closely with scientists at NIST and CSM to develop and refine our testing capabilities.  Those learning experiences formed the foundation for us to design and build improved hydrogen analysis systems that provide unparalleled capabilities for analysis of hydrogen permeation, diffusion, and other hydrogen testing capabilities.

Gaseous Hydrogen Permeation and Diffusion Analysis

The custom-built hydrogen permeation systems we run can be configured to measure bulk metal samples of a variety of thicknesses, with control over the temperature, atmosphere, pressure, and many other process variables. This allows for simulation of many different operation conditions. In combination with our next-generation nondestructive analysis tools, we can track the hydrogen permeation and diffusion at very rapid (< 1 second) intervals for spans as long minutes, hours, days, or even weeks.

Electrochemical Hydrogen Permeation and Diffusion Analysis

For electrochemical testing we follow the ASTM G148 standard [1] for hydrogen uptake, permeation, and diffusion in metals. The Devanathan-Stachurski cell includes two separated electrolytic cells with a thin test membrane in between. Hydrogen is electrochemically produced by cathodic polarization, adsorbed on the sample surface, and then absorbed into the membrane material. A constant potential is applied on the anodic side, and the oxidation current is registered as hydrogen diffuses through. The measured oxidation current is proportional to the amount of hydrogen penetrating the membrance over time.

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