Hydrogen Consulting Services

Hydrogen is small but it packs a big punch. It plays a critical role in many forms of corrosion and played a role in many well-known failures like the hydrogen embrittlement of the BP Thunderhorse platform and many more unpublicized failures. Some of the optical microscopy from our analysis of the Thunderhorse failure is shown below.

BP Thunderhorse weld analysis by G2MT Labs interface at 5x

BP Thunderhorse weld analysis by optical color microscopy determined there was hydrogen embrittlement in the welds

The G2MT Labs hydrogen consultants have the experience to help with analyzing, testing, and understanding how to manage hydrogen effects.

Hydrogen consulting services we offer include:

  • Hydrogen service consulting
  • Hydrogen embrittlement analysis and testing
  • High-temperature hydrogen attack analysis
  • Hydrogen-induced cracking anaylsis
  • Gaseous hydrogen analysis
  • Electrochemical hydrogen corrosion consulting