Hydrogen Embrittlement Testing and Consulting

Testing for hydrogen embrittlement cracking of stainless steel by G2MT Labs

Testing for hydrogen embrittlement cracking of stainless steel by G2MT Labs

“With Hydrogen, experience counts… and we have it”

When hydrogen issues occur, you want a trusted team who knows hydrogen inside and out. With many years of hydrogen experience, we know the difficulties and challenges that hydrogen creates, and the right ways to analyze it.

Hydrogen embrittlement [1, 2]  and other forms of hydrogen-related damage are one of the most insidious and difficult to assess problems in many industries. G2MT Labs offers a range of standardized and cutting-edge custom hydrogen analysis technologies, as well as consulting to help you solve hydrogen-related challenges.

Hydrogen Embrittlement Consulting Services

The first step to preventing hydrogen embrittlement is understanding when and how it will occur. Our hydrogen embrittlement testing and consulting services include:

  • Custom hydrogen embrittlement analysis and consulting,
  • Materials selection and consulting for hydrogen service,
  • ASTM B577 for Hydrogen Embrittlement Analysis of Copper Products,
  • ASTM F519 [1] for Hydrogen Embrittlement of Plating/Coating Processes,
  • ASTM F1940 [2] – Process Control Verification to Prevent Hydrogen Embrittlement in Plated or Coated Fasteners,
  • ASTM F1624- [3] – Hydrogen Embrittlement Threshold Analysis by Step-Loading
  • ASTM F1459 [4] for Determination of the Susceptibility of Metallic Materials to Hydrogen Gas Embrittlement (HGE)
  • Corrosion testing, and
  • Hydrogen-related failure analysis.

Why is Hydrogen So Dangerous?

HTHA effect on grain boundaries - high temperature hydrogen attackHydrogen is the smallest of the atoms and therefore moves easily and rapidly through most materials, often accumulating in the areas of high stress and contributing to the formation and growth of cracks. Hydrogen cracking is common, in many cases forming the dominant failure mechanism observed on operating equipment and components.