MIC – Microbiologically Induced Corrosion – Testing, Inspection, and Failure Analysis

“Bacteria are eating our steel”


At first it sounds like science fiction, but these bacteria exist and are a huge problem around the world. Microbiologically Induced Corrosion (MIC) is one of the most insidious and difficult forms of corrosion, capable of occurring in a huge range of environments and operating parameters [1, 2]. It is particularly widespread in tubing and piping, everything from oil and gas pipelines to fire piping. Left untreated, MIC turns a regular pipe into swiss cheese.

At G2MT Labs, we have the experience with MIC failures and many other corrosion mechanisms, so we can help you determine the real cause of failure. We offer metallurgical consulting, inspection, and testing to evaluate the presence of MIC, determine the extent of damage, and we can help you determine the integrity after repair.Pipeline Inspection for MIC Corrosion Damage

If MIC occurs or is suspected in a failure, contact us to help analyze the problem and determine your potential solutions within a scope and budget of your choice.