NACE MR0175 Sour Service Consulting and Corrosion Analysis

Drill pipe joint showing threads

Drill pipe joint showing threads

Have questions about sour service? Applications with exposure to H2S are subject to severe corrosion, and standards such as NACE MR0175 and ISO15156 have been developed to help prevent issues. We regularly work with customers to evaluate, select, and characterize their materials for sour service. Our sour service corrosion consultants provide expert NACE MR0175 consulting and analysis, including expedited service for emergency situations.

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The sour service corrosion group offers support for qualification and materials analysis, including help with understanding and applying NACE MR0175. We work with our clients for fabrication, corrosion, and materials selection issues related to sour service, helping you understand and comply with the specifications. We utilize only certified 3rd party laboratories to run the H2S testing.

Corrosion Tests Used For Sour Service:

Sour Service Materials Qualification

G2MT Labs provides sour service materials consulting and qualification services following the NACE MR0175/ ISO 15156-3 standards, as well as API 5L, DNV OS F101, Total specification PLR 211, and many other customer-specific requirements. Together with our inspection, consulting, and testing partners, we can provide a comprehensive set of analysis, testing, and consulting services to cover most sour service needs.