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Our Houston Electron Microscopy Services

When it comes to electron microscopy, the most important factors are the electron microscope and the operator. At G2MT Labs you can get the best of both. We offer scanning electron microscopy using a cutting-edge Hitachi SEM with EDAX, WDX, and EBSD capabilities (in other words, we have multiple different and powerful ways of analyzing the chemical composition in the microscope). And your operator will be one of two expert metallurgists from the Colorado School of Mines, both of whom are also amateur photographers. Why is that important, you might ask? Well, because they both have an eye for image composition and formatting the helps ensure you obtain beautiful, high-quality images that are useful for your needs.

Wire Tensile Fracture 3 G2MT Labs

Research and Development

When it comes to research analysis, our SEM services can help you obtain high-quality calibrated image and chemical composition data that you need.

Electron Microscopy for Failure Analysis

Electron microscopy often plays a key role in failure analysis investigations, as one of the most powerful analytical tools for high-magnification observations.  We run dozens of failure analyses every month and have experience with sample preparation and analysis to help you find the answers needed.

Corrosion Bloom at X1700 - G2MT Labs

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