Failure Analysis and Forensic Investigation Services

“Failure analysis, focusing on failure solutions”

When failures occur, you need accurate and reliable answers that are delivered fast. Our metallurgical failure analysis experts have the skills to quickly find the problem and prevent it from recurring. We offer world-class service combined with attention to scientific detail and your needs. And with 1000’s of failures analyzed, we have the experience to help your find the most relevant and cost-effective failure solutions.

Our failure analysis includes:

  • Great service – with fair pricing and turnaround time is measured in hours and days, not months.
  • Expertise – Our expert metallurgical investigators include subject matter experts from oil and gas, chemical processing, power generation, pipeline, medical, aerospace, and welding industries. With degrees from Colorado School of Mines and MIT, our experts are impeccably qualified.
  • High-quality metallography and microscopy – no more blurry pictures or guesswork.
  • Integrated team approach – Our experts meet daily to discuss ongoing projects, resulting in improved accuracy and insight in the failure investigation process.

Failure Analysis Process

We follow the best practices from ASM and ASTM [1, 2] for forensic investigations [3], using quality equipment with old-fashioned care and attention to detail. Whether you need a quick answer, complete report, or review of existing reports, G2MT Labs is ready to help!

Root cause failure testing of cracking in a welding pump component

Failure investigation of this cracked pump component found contamination during cleaning.

Forensic Investigation Services Including:

Who are our customers?

Owners, insurers, operators, and engineers. We understand that time, service, and budget are important to you, just as they are to us. We work hard to provide fair pricing, stay within budget, and ultimately to keep you satisfied.

Examples of our services by industry:

Fitness-for-Service, RBI, and Related Services

In some cases, you may need to evaluate risk-based inspection to select an appropriate maintenance plan, or or implement a fitness-for-service program that ensures the ongoing integrity of the component over time. We can work with you to solve these challenges, no matter how big or small they are.  We offer fitness-for-service, NDE/Inspection services, and other consulting services to help customers rapidly repair any problems and safely resume operation.

Check out our primer: What is Failure Analysis?

Summary: A good failure investigation [4, 5] is focused on thoroughly and systematically investigating the root cause, which then points out possible fixes. It provides a key opportunity to learn from previous mistakes and is important in efforts to improve your overall safety and performance.


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