Accident/Incident Investigation and Failure Analysis Services

When an accident or incident occurs, G2MT Labs has a reliable forensic investigation team that can provide support immediately. Our accident/incident investigation team has performed failure analysis on metal components, engines, and systems in almost every major industry. We know how important it is to thoroughly document the scene, carefully collect materials and data, and perform a thorough analysis that gets to the heart of the problem – the root cause.

Field Metallographic Replication and Brinnell Hardness Testing was performed to evaluate the effect of fire damage on a pipeline by G2MT Labs

Field Metallographic Replication and Brinnell Hardness Testing Were Performed On This Pipeline

Our investigative services include:

  • Oil and Gas Accident Investigation
  • Chemical Refinery and Processing Investigation
  • Fire Damage Assessment
  • Expert Witness Testimony

Customer’s often contact us when they:

  1. Suspect serious litigation may occur
  2. Need additional expertise or assistance
  3. Have a chronic issue that needs a permanent solution
  4. Need a independent 3rd party or review of another lab’s failure analysis report
  5. Expect issues with customers, insurance, or regulators.
  6. Need services and solutions quickly

Oil and Gas Accident Investigation

In the oil and gas industry, accidents or incidents have serious repercussions and can results in expensive downtime. G2MT Labs and ABS Consulting have joined together to provide comprehensive incident investigation services to the energy industry. We have the oil and gas experience necessary to respond to incidents of all kinds.

Together we provide a comprehensive response to an incident that fits your needs:

  • Immediate accident response teams can be on-site within hours
  • We come prepared with everything needed to catalog, analyze, and store materials
  • Root cause analysis and determination
  • Thorough metallurgical failure analysis
  • Expert witness testimony
  • Document management
  • Recommendations to return to safe operation

When you need help, contact a team you can count on!

Contact our accident investigation hotline anytime at: 888-308-9084.