Drilling and Drill Pipe Failure Analysis

Drill pipe blowout filled with fibers

Failure analysis of drill pipe washout filled with fibers

Drilling for oil and gas is an expensive and difficult operation, and drill pipe failures can be very expensive and time-consuming challenges to drilling operations. When the worst occurs, you can count on our failure analysis team to provide fast, effective analysis and solutions.

The Materials Challenges Associated with Drilling

Drilling is tough. It often combines:

  • high tensile, compressive, and torsional stresses,
  • large temperature variations,
  • corrosive environments, and
  • dynamic operational changes.

The steels designed for drilling, such as L-80, G-105, and P-110, are produced using a very specific series of fabrication and heat treatment steps designed to achieve the right chemistries, strengths, microstructures, and toughness to withstand long-term operation in challenging environments. If every step isn’t followed correctly, corrosion and strength issues can occur over time. Other times a drilling failure may be caused by mechanisms including over-torque, excessive stress, collapse, burst, and fatigue.

Pitting analysis of Corroded Drill Pipe Surface

Pitting analysis of Corroded Drill Pipe Surface

Drilling Failure Analysis

When drill strings or components fail prematurely, our failure analysis team can help you determine if the cause is rooted in the fabrication, storage/transportation, or use of the drilling pipes, and then provide recommendations to safeguard against future failures. Our unique collaborative approach to failure analysis help you pinpoint the cause of the problem and find an effective solution. We provide fast, effective service when you need to be up and running quickly, and expert witness testimony if you are involved in litigation.