Failure Analysis Experts

When failures occur, the G2MT Labs experts are trusted by companies around the world because we have:

  • World-class metallurgical talent
  • An optimized workflow for fast turnaround
  • An expert collaboration process to improve accuracy
  • Passion for metallurgy that shows in our work, and
  • A skill for explaining science to people of every level of education

Our  failure analysis experts come from every facet of metallurgy, materials science, and related disciplines to provide the top-notch failure analysis service you want, and we offer expert witness testimony when litigation occurs. As an added bonus, we are a friendly, fun team with a real passion for our work that shows through in everything we do.

The G2MT Labs failure analysis team has broad industrial, academic, and government experience in markets including:

Failure analysis expert witnesses from G2MT Labs perform work for many industries

Failure analysis expert witnesses from G2MT Labs perform work for many industries

    • oil and gas,
    • chemical processing,
    • nuclear power,
    • aerospace,
    • transportation,
    • fabrication,
    • and welding

What to consider when selecting a company to perform failure analysis:

1. What caused the failure to occur –

  • What are the known materials conditions and operating parameters when the failure occurred? 
    • We work with you and the personnel in the field to obtain as much information as possible.
  • What does the evidence from the fracture surface and failure indicate?
    • We have a thorough, rigorous process that evaluates materials effectively before any sectioning or sample preparation is performed, and then we follow the methods described in the ASM handbook on failure analysis to determine the root cause. The fracture surface is often a critical part of this evidence, which we carefully evaluate using numerous metallurgical and microscopic technologies.
  • What are the known modes of failure for this application?
    • We research and understand each failure we evaluate to ensure we know what may go wrong and that our diagnoses agree with the findings of published literature, especially the ASTM handbooks and similar reference sources.

2. How – How did the component fail?

  • Evidence from metallurgical, microscopic, mechanical, chemical, and forensic analysis, along with the use of advanced destructive and nondestructive testing techniques, provides insight that is used by the forensic metallurgist in failure mode effects analysis. The root cause of the failure is determined, and all contributing factors are described.

3. Why – Why did the failure occur?

  • From these basic steps and a series of appropriate metallurgical and mechanical tests, recommendations to prevent future failures are provided to the customer. G2MT Labs works closely with our customers to determine the required steps for immediate and future prevention of similar problems.

Do you need a failure analysis or metallurgical expert witness?  Our senior metallurgists have impeccable credentials and an impressively strong grasp of metallurgical engineering and science. We’ve taken on the best at other company’s and never lost, because we always go in with the backing of strong data and analysis, coupled with scientific research and knowledge.