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When a failure occurs, you don’t just need a vague answer, you need to why and what to do about it (and often several other things, too!). Our failure investigation will focus on understanding and solving your problems.

That starts with expert failure analysis combined with cutting-edge field and laboratory testing to dig deep and find the physical cause of failure. We combine insights from a variety of metallurgical testing practices such as metallography, nondestructive testing, microscopy, mechanical testing, field testing, corrosion evaluation, and chemical testing to determine why the failure occurred. Then we work with you to evaluate multiple options for mitigating, monitoring, or preventing it from re-occuring. Our goal is to help you understand the cause AND find the right course of action to take.

Through thickness micrograph of failure analysis on steel plates by G2MT Labs

Through thickness micrograph of steel plates from a failure investigation by G2MT Labs


Failure Investigations from our Houston Laboratory

As the energy center of the United States, Houston is the origin or destination of many failures. G2MT Labs is proud to be one of the premier providers of materials failure and metallurgical consulting services across the US from our offices in Houston and Shreveport. By combining high-quality metallurgy with a team-based approach to each failure, G2MT Labs provides expert failure analysis consulting that identifies the root cause (1, 2) and effective solutions to your failure-related challenges.

Why Select G2MT for Failure Analysis Services?

  • Exceptional service – we love what we do, and it shows!
  • Open, clear communication to both technical and non-technical personnel
  • PhD metallurgical experts
  • Competitive pricing
  • Rapid response teams and failure analysts available for emergencies
Failure analysis expert witnesses from G2MT Labs perform work for many industries

A severe case of galvanic corrosion left this bolt completely exposed.

Examples of some common areas we analyze are:

  • Drill pipe, drill joints, and other drilling equipment
  • Shafts, pistons, and machinery components
  • Power plant steels and superalloys
  • Exotic alloys, especially Titanium, Zirconium, and Tantalum alloys.
  • Pipeline steels and power plant components
  • Many other metallic and non-metallic components and materials in industrial, medical, and educational applications
  • Impellers, pumps, and processing other equipment (for example the contaminated part pictured below)
  • Medical devices, implants, surgical tools, and medical equipment
  • Electronic and electrical devices
Failure analysis showed that contamination from cleaning processes resulted in failure

Failure Analysis of contamination deposited on component surface at 2000X indicated excessive chlorine present on surface

How much impact do failures and corrosion have?

Failures occur all the time and for a great variety of reasons (3, 4); in fact, the total cost of corrosion in the United States exceeded $1 trillion annually for the first time in 2013 (based on estimates from the 1998 NACE Cost of Corrosion study extrapolated forward using existing inflation data). The fact is, our landfills are full of examples of failures of every kind, and all those failures do have a huge impact. Every day we are working to help reduce that burden.


G2MT Labs strives to provide the best failure analysis and consulting services from our Houston metallurgical laboratory. That’s not just talk, either; our team is really passionate about being the best. Not sure yet? Come visit with us and you’ll see that passion in action.