Metallurgical Failure Analysis and Consulting in Shreveport & Ark-La-Tex

Shreveport is becoming even more famous due to the Haynesville shale, but the Shreveport and Ark-La-Tex region are home to a variety of oil and gas producers, chemical processing companies, and other industries. Our experienced metallurgical consulting and failure analysis team has performed investigations in every major industry and are ready to help you.

G2MT Laboratories Shreveport is now offering metallurgical failure analysis and metallurgical consulting services in the Shreveport and Ark-La-Tex area. Our team includes Shreveport natives who are well-acquainted with the area. When problems arise and you need metallurgical analysis and consulting, contact us!

Why use G2MT Laboratories?

G2MT Laboratories focuses on providing you with a timely and accurate failure analysis. We use the latest metallurgical practices and technologies to ensure we can perform every type of test that may be required. Our team of Ph.D. metallurgical failure analyst experts have been trained by the foremost leaders in the field at the Colorado School of Mines, and includes in-house staff and consultants with expertise in virtually every field.

The benefits include:

  • Rapid service,
  • friendly team,
  • expert metallurgists, inspectors, and consultants, and
  • we’re local! G2MT Labs’ team includes two Shreveport natives. We are very familiar with the Ark-La-Tex area and the unique challenges faced by companies operating here.

Where to drop off samples: Contact us and we will come to you or you can come our shop in the Southeast corner of Shreveport.