Metallurgical Forensic Analysis for Insurance

Visual inspection of samples for insurnace failure analysis

Visual inspection of samples for an insurance-related failure analysis case

G2MT Labs provides metallurgical forensic analysis and failure analysis for insurance-related claims and cases. We regularly work with all sides, including customers, insurers, and even regulatory bodies, and will work hard to help you determine the root cause.

  • Our experts have experience in failure analysis of a wide range of metals and materials.
  • We typically will perform a thorough analysis to determine the root cause of failure.
  • Just as importantly, we then provide clear communication that helps you explain your cases to laypeople, judges, and engineers alike.
  • In most cases our metallurgical analysis results in settlements, saving all sides time and money.

What if I need a metallurgical expert witness for an insurance case that is likely to go to court?

Our PhD expert witnesses have impressive credentials including degrees from MIT and from the world’s foremost metallurgy department at the Colorado School of Mines. We have produced 100’s of publications in areas including corrosion, welding, hydrogen, high-temperature materials, electrochemistry, the future of materials science, development of new alloys in the foundry, and non-destructive characterization of materials. And our roster of consulting metallurgists includes some of the world’s leading metallurgical minds with impeccable credentials.

We provide clear and powerful testimony when needed in expert witness cases, and back that testimony up with high-quality graphics, animations, and presentations to make our failure analysis results crystal clear.