Offshore Failure Analysis

Offshore weld failure analysis from the BP Thunderhorse platform

Offshore weld failure analysis from the BP Thunderhorse platform. The darker spots are severe inclusions formed in the welds.

G2MT Labs provides metallurgical failure analysis and consulting for the offshore oil and gas sector. Let us assist you with metallurgical failure analysis, materials design and selection, corrosion consulting, and other specialized metallurgical consulting for your offshore operations.

G2MT Labs has performed metallurgical consulting and failure analysis on a wide variety of static and rotating components, and our Houston area office is available for consulting in the gulf coast area and beyond. We have experience providing comprehensive failure analysis investigations and metallurgical consulting on many challenging topics. In fact, those are the areas we enjoy the most. Our metallurgists, physicists, designers, and scientists are practiced in art of report preparation and prepared to support litigation efforts, consulting projects, and failure analyses.

Please contact us for more info or request a quote to find out how G2MT Lab’s friendly service team can help you.

Our offshore failure analysis laboratory’s capabilities include (but are not limited to):

  • Thorough Failure Analysis Investigation Capabilities
  • Metallographic Examination
  • Mechanical Properties Assessment
  • Photographic Documentation and Analysis
  • Optical and Electron Microscopy
  • Electrochemical and Acid Etching for Microstructural Assessment
  • Accident Analysis and Reconstruction
  • Root Cause Analysis
  • Courtroom Exhibits and Expert Witness Testimony
  • Corrosion Analysis
  • Corrosion-related Failure Analysis
  • Stress and Mechanical Property Analysis
  • Forensic Analysis and Investigations
  • Fractography (The study of fracture surfaces)
  • Thorough Documentation