Welding Failure Analysis and Welding Consulting Services

Welds are one of the most complex examples of materials science in action. The reality is that welding is so successful and commonplace that it is used in the vast majority of industrial and commercial applications without even a glance by the casual observer. In fact, it’s often only when welds fail do we even notice their existence!


Welding Failure Analysis Experts

When welding failures or challenges do arise, G2MT Labs has the expertise and technology needed to help you solve those problems. Our welding metallurgists have published dozens of welding-related papers, and we wrote one of the most widely cited welding failure analysis articles. Eventually much of it was included in the ASM handbook articles on Corrosion of Weldments [1].

Welding Consulting, Procedure Development, and Testing

G2MT Labs performs welding failure analysis, testing, procedure review, and other welding consulting services from our Houston metallurgical lab. We are also a leading developer of groundbreaking new weld testing and characterization technologies. Our laboratory is equipped to provide the microscopy, metallography, and mechanical testing needed to ensure welds are acceptable or to determine the root cause of weld failures.

We draw upon a talent pool of leading welding experts with many years of experience in onshore and offshore welding issues. We enjoy working on challenging welding consulting and development problems and work closely with our partners to provide world-class consulting services in Houston and beyond. Together, our experience covers a wide range of areas, including pipelines, off-shore welding, power plant steel welding, ship welding, and much more. We look forward to the chance to help you!

A Welding Case Study:

In the case below, the cracks were initiated by chlorides on the surface of the weld, likely deposited during cleaning activities, and resulted in failure of several pumps in critical applications that lead to expensive shutdowns and repairs. We performed a root cause failure analysis of the pumps, identified the issues with cleaning, and recommended new practices to prevent these failures from recurring.

Weld testing by metallography and microscopy, showing a seam crack at 50X magnification