Wind Turbine Failure Analysis

Wind Turbine Fire and Failure Analysis

Wind Turbine Fire

Failures of turbines occur by many different modes and the effects range from partial to complete loss of power. When this occurs, wind turbine failures require a rapid, effective failure analysis to help determine the cause, prevent it from recurring, and apply the lessons learned across the fleet. The expert metallurgists and scientists at G2MT Laboratories can help you pinpoint the root cause of the failure and assess possible remedies.

 Our wind turbine consulting and failure analysis services include:

  • Materials selection, development, and R&D
  • Identifying the root cause of failures
  • Assessing failure mode effects
  • Testing, analysis, and witnessing of 3rd party analysis
  • Fracture mechanics and Fitness-For-Service assessment of defects
  • Remaining life determination
  • Corrosion testing and analysis
  • Developing solutions to technical challenges
  • Destructive and NDT analysis of systems and components
  • Presenting and communicating failure analysis and metallurgical information to both technical and non-technical personnel

The Growing Wind Turbine Market:Wind turbines in the desert

Wind turbines continue to grow in size,in some cases surpassing 656 ft (200 m) in height with over 8 megawatts of generating power. Reliability of turbines is key to the continued growth of the wind power industry, and our experts metallurgists can help you find and resolve problems to address the various failure modes * that occur in wind power.