API 580 Risk Based Inspection

Risk-Based Inspection by API 580 - G2MT Labs“Risk comes from not knowing what you are doing”

API 580 Risk-based Inspection can play an important role in safe operations and understanding of your processes. We use the API methodology for evaluating risks in a plant or process and determining the right inspection strategy to counter those risks.  API 580  is the oil and gas industry’s recommended practice to determine asset risk and inspection plans.

Implementing an RBI Practice:

RBI implementation requires you follow a methodical plan that provides repeatable, objective measurements and quantitative results. It takes effort, but when used properly provide enormous benefits in term of safety and costs.  G2MT Labs will work together closely with you to perform RBI assessments and provide training to manage the ongoing RBI process.

The steps we take include:

  • Damage Mechanism Review and Damage Assessment
  • Review of Existing Database, if any
  • Review of Existing Software, if any
  • Interviews with key personnel

At that point, we meet with you to discuss implementation, improvements, and corrections. Then we provide a final report with our findings, discussions, and recommendations.

Related Services Offered:

G2MT Labs provides API 580 RBI [1] assessments, along with knowledge of various RBI software programs and assistance in implementing an RBI practice. We work with your team to determine the right inspection program that fits your needs.