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More than just a metallurgy testing lab –

At G2MT Labs you’ll get a lot more value for your money because your results come backed by a team of experts who can help you understand and effectively. If you need high-volume testing, we will refer you to the same options we utilize. But if you’re performing R&D, troubleshooting, or have some custom needs, you’ve come to the right place. 

What sets us apart:

  1. G2MT Labs reports are much more thorough (and longer) than our competitors. There is a lot of value to be had in spelling out the test conditions, practices, and providing more detailed information than just a pass/fail. We know that you need a report that is thorough and clear, and you can rely on our expert metallurgists to effectively answer your questions.
  2. We take a team approach that combines our backgrounds and past experiences and apply it to help you find appropriate alternatives or solutions.  We offer a broad range of metallurgical services, backed up with deep metallurgy expertise.
  3. An exceptional roster of consultant metallurgists. Our full-time metallurgists are (relatively) young, smart, tenacious, and thorough, but also astute enough to know when (and who) to ask for confirmation or guidance. We regularly call on many of the world’s best metallurgists* as our consultants.
  4. Competitive prices and quick services. In spite of all the value we offer, our optimized operational flow allows us to be very competitive in price and offer rapid turnaround.

*(Obviously we are biased, but their experience and credentials speak for themselves. The group includes numerous emeritus professors, industrial metallurgists, and government experts).

The truth is, it’s easy to have a great time when you love what you do. When you come to G2MT Labs, you can count on us to help provide the answers you need in the most cost-effective manner.  We can help with developing and running your test plan, and provide consulting expertise afterwards as needed.

Metallurgical Testing in Houston - microscopy of intergranular weld cracking using villellas etch at 500X magnfication

Metallurgical Testing in Houston – microscopy of intergranular weld cracking using Villella’s etchant at 500X magnification

Fast Metallurgical Answers: G2MT Labs provides a comprehensive suite of metallurgical testing, consulting, inspection services with rapid turnaround to achieve answers in days instead of months Our metallurgical scientists and consultants have experience with materials from chemical processing, refineries, power generation, nuclear, offshore, oil and gas, pipelines, fuel cells, and much more.

Specific metallurgical services we provide include:

Metals go through a wide range of changes during fabrication, welding, processing, installation, and during operational service. Our metallurgical testing provides the baseline for decisions regarding those metals and requires accuracy and careful attention to detail.

So if you need timely metallurgical answers by experts who know their stuff, you’ve come to the right place. Let’s talk!