Inspection and NDT Services

Inspection and Nondestructive Testing (NDT) services are used to assess the condition of equipment and facilities. We have teams ready to provide NDT and inspection services when you need it. Typical applications for inspection and nondestructive testing are include critical assets like pipelines, refineries, fire-damaged industrial facilities and materials, and more.

Our inspection teams offer a wide range of nondestructive testing services:

  • ultrasound,
  • eddy current,
  • dye penetrant testing,
  • field metallographic replication, and
  • PMI.

Combined with fitness-for-service and integrity management programs, these tests can offer everything needed to ensure your facilities long-term integrity and minimize your maintenance costs.

NDT Analysis and Consulting

The nondestructive testing (NDT) experts at G2MT Labs have many years of experience inspecting pipelines, refineries, pressure vessels, and a variety of other industrial applications. We design and manufacture our own probes and tools when needed, and work with industry-leading partners to perform the analysis and implement integrity management programs that allow our customers to safely maintain their facilities for years to come. Typically, we identify various potential areas of concern related to a specific application, rank the level of concern or damage detected, and then provide guidelines for the short-term and long-term inspection of the facility or components.