Pipeline Characterization, Inspection, Testing and Consulting

‘From characterization to failure analysis, we know pipelines’

Pipeline sectioning for testing and analysis

Pipeline sectioning for metallurgical testing and analysis

G2MT Labs provides pipeline testing and analysis services when and wherever you need it. We utilize a variety of metallurgical and nondestructive testing tools to ensure the integrity of your pipes, and can also combine those measurements into a risk-based inspection program for the long-term.

Tens of millions of miles of pipelines cover the earth, carrying everything from water to oil, gas, and a variety of other chemicals and solutions. These pipes are subject to numerous forms of corrosion and damage which can be naturally caused or may be the result of processing, operating, or accidental errors or defects. Leaking water pipelines can be a serious nuisance and can put some people at risk of water-borne sicknesses and thousands of water pipeline leaks occur every year. Oil, gas, and chemical pipelines are often even more dangerous when they fracture or leak, as explosions, spills, and other events often occur.

Fortunately, the technology to keep pipelines operating safe for the long-term exists and can drastically reduce or eliminate the chance of catastrophic pipeline failure or leak occurring. G2MT Labs is developing the next generation of pipeline inspection services including destructive and nondestructive testing, risk-based inspection programs, and exterior pipeline integrity assessment.  With our cutting-edge pipeline assessment technology, metallurgical laboratory capabilities, and analytical evaluation team, we can provide support for immediate and long-term integrity assurance of your pipelines.

Pipeline Analysis Services include:Pipeline installation and consulting services

  • Pipeline Failure analysis
  • Accident Investigation
  • Pipeline Characterization
  • Pipeline Consulting
  • Welding Analysis
  • Corrosion Analysis