Specialized Component Testing

Fracture testing of cast irons by G2MT Labs

Fracture testing of cast irons

Custom Testing to Fit Your Needs

When you need to know your components are up to your requirements beyond a shadow of a doubt, G2MT Labs provides a wide range of specialized component testing. From advanced or custom metallurgical and mechanical testing to materials qualification, we work with you to determine and assess the critical properties in your components.


Component Testing Services


Fracture surface of cast iron

Our Houston-area laboratory is equipped to provide the data you need to certify your materials and guarantee they meet the specifications you set or require. Contact G2MT Labs at 888-308-9084 for more info!

G2MT Labs performs all types of specialized component testing, custom component testing, custom metallurgical testing, and custom mechanical testing. We enjoy the challenges of specialized and customized testing and have the right equipment and the expert metallurgical and mechanical testing staff needed to successfully perform these tests.


An example of the specialized component testing we perform is shown in the tensile testing of the stainless steel component shown below. The sample was part of a customized program of testing which included metallography, microscopy, chemical analysis, mechanical property testing by tensile and hardness testing, and SEM microscopy.

Tensile test of a specialized component made of a customized stainless steel by G2MT Labs

Necking of a tensile testing specimen as it nears failure – by G2MT Labs