Metallurgical Research And Development

microhardness of jominy end quench bar

Microhardness of Jominy end quench bar

Metallurgical Experts You Can Count On

Our expert metallurgists work with you to provide PhD-quality metallurgical R&D that fits your time frame and budget. We’ve performed many R&D projects and can work with you to provide the info you need.

Metallurgy brainpower: multiple top PhD metallurgists from the vaunted CSM Metallurgy program, and world-class metallurgical consultants that are renowned in their fields.

Serious passion and hustle, to ensure you get the service you expect with fast turnaround.

Filling your needs: We work with you to determine a scope and budget that meets your needs.

That’s why G2MT Labs is the fastest-growing provider of metallurgical consulting, research, and development services in Houston.