Rapid Hydrogen Embrittlement Testing per ASTM F519, F1624, and F1940

G2MT Labs is proud to offer cutting edge hydrogen-assisted cracking (aka hydrogen embrittlement) testing that satisfies the requirements of ASTM F519, F1624, and F1940. The G2MT Hydrogen lab offers a wide range of analytical tests to meet these tests and consulting services to evaluate more extensively when looking at coatings, materials, or cleaners.

Rising Step Load or Sustained Load: Which test do I need? 

If you have a choice, the Rising Step load test is a better selection for several reasons:

  • Data – it provides a real, quantitative measure
  • Speed – rising step load is up to 10X faster than sustained load
  • Flexibility – can be used to evaluate both internal and external sources of hydrogen-assisted cracking

Quality Control Testing for Hydrogen Embrittlement

For routine testing, we offer rapid turnaround using the Rising Step Load system developed by Lou Raymond and his colleagues at Fracture Diagnostics Inc. The RSL system they offer is uniquely capable and suited to performing these tests and can provide data in 24 hours in many cases. Our experts can also help you with statistical analysis and understanding of your testing results.

Research and Development 

Looking to qualify new coatings, materials, or cleaners? Let us work with you using smart design of experiments (DoE) to find a fast, effective experimental program that helps answer your questions.