UN Section 37 Corrosion Testing for Crude by Rail Cars and GHS Packing Group

The UN Section 37 corrosion testing standard describes a series of corrosion tests useful for both crude-by-rail transportation by rail tank cars in the USA under the new DOT Emergency Order and for the UN GHS requirements for Packing Group determination. We provide Section 37 corrosion testing with  rapid service (in as little as 8 days when expedited), competitive pricing, and expert consulting for cases when corrosion has already occurred.

Crude-By-Rail Corrosion Testing

Railroad tank car panoramic pictureG2MT Labs offers UN-37 Corrosion testing as required by the US DOT Emergency Order (DOT-OST-2014-0025) that affects crude-by-rail transportation by rail tank cars in the US. Our Houston corrosion laboratory is ready to run UN-37 with the required grades of steel and aluminum testing specimens, and we alsoperform alloy-specific testing of the TC-128 tank car alloy used for pressurized cars and of the specific steel plateutilized.

Our testing is designed to help you meet recent US Department of Transportation guidelines and the emergency crude-by-rail product classification directive from 2014. The DOT Q&A page offers up-to-date info about Class 8 Corrosive Materials (from §§ CFR 173.136 and 173.137) and indicates the corrosion testing for crude-by-rail tank cars should be based on the test method described in the UN Manual of Tests and Criteria, Section 37.

Packing Group Determination for UN GHS by UN Section 37

To transport liquids safely, they must be appropriately packaged. The UN-37 corrosivity test is the specified test in the UN, OECD, and DOT regulations that determines whether liquids meet the definition of Packing Group 1C/III (PG 1C/III). The test is intended for materials that fall within Class 8 for classification purposes for the DOT, UN GHS, and OECD Guidelines. For potentially corrosive materials that are determined to be non-corrosive by skin testing, the UN Section 37 Corrosion to Metals test is required. For more info, check out Packing Group Determination by Corrositex and Immersion Corrosion analysis.

We look forward to working with you! Please request a quote or more info to learn how G2MT Labs can help you with Crude Oil Tank Car Corrosion Testing or UN GHS Packing Group analysis.