SHRP Ice Melt Testing and Corrosion Analysis

Houston may be hot, but we can get really cold, too! We offer Ice Melting performance testing through our Low-Temperature Environmental Chamber, capable of holding temperatures as low as -35 Celsius for weeks on end. Built as a freezer inside of a cold room, our chamber can sustain temperatures accurately over the course of an entire melting test to ensure better reproducibility.

Ice melting chemicals must balance between performance and corrosion-resistance, and the SHRP Ice Melting tests are designed to determine the performance of various ice melt chemicals in a repeatable fashion. We run the Strategic Highway Research Program’s SHRP-205.1 and SHRP-205.2 methods for Ice Melt performance testing, as well as TM-0169 for alternating immersion corrosion testing.

Our alternative immersion corrosion rig can test up to 20 samples at a time, ensuring we can rapidly test all of your samples along with at least two (required) control samples. When you need results rapidly, we can often complete the analysis within 2-4 business days.

In addition to the testing systems and our ISO 9001 certified laboratory, we also provide thorough and well-documented reports along with friendly customer service. Whether you’re ready to start or just have some questions, we’d love to help. Please get in touch with our team anytime!